This all starts out being the youngest product of a mother with an over abundance of love she showered upon everyone she met, and a father who had to learn how to love multiple people all at once. It starts with being the youngest and sometimes only male child in a close knit family. This isn’t to say I had a difficult upbringing. Quite the opposite, I did not lack for food, clothes, or affection. The only thing I lacked was a sense of belonging. One that continues thirty-three years into my life.

I am surrounded by the best group of friends I could ask for. My mother, sister, her children, my step father, they all love me unconditionally and push me to be a better person. Yet, here I am. Still searching for a place in this world.

That is the purpose for this blog. It is a journey I need to take. As honest a reflection and interpretation of the events of my life and the lessons I have learned from those around me that I can give. Whether they are family, friends, ex loves, or people who only were present in the favorite scenes of my life, I believe they all served a purpose and gave me little lessons like bread crumbs left by whatever omnipresent deity to guide me toward what ever the end result of my life ends up being.

I’m looking forward to taking this journey.